Octopuff Kingpin Hemp Wraps - Flavoured Hemp Wraps with Perfect Fold Technology Single Packs 4 Wraps per Pack (Purple)

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Octopuff - Kingpin Hemp Wraps - 1 Pack - 4 Wraps Per Pack - Octopuff Pack - Flavoured Hemp Wrap - Kingpin Flavoured Hemp Wraps

Purple (Goomba Grape)

The Octopuff 1 pack is perfect for those who are looking for a 100% natural hemp tobacco-free wrap that is bursting with delicious flavour. 

The pack includes - 

  • 1 Pack of Kingpin Hemp Wraps, Purple Grape Flavoured Hemp Wraps - 4 wraps per pack

Features -

  • 100% Pure Natural Hemp 

  • Perfect Fold Technology

  • 100% Tobacco Free

  • 4 Wraps per pack

  • 100% Nicotine Free 

  • Vegan-Friendly 




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